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Preferred Fleetwash LLC offers may different types of washing serivce.  Each individual job is bidded differently when we bid a job for pressure washing service we take into consideration all factors. Size of fleet, location of wash, frequency, waste water recovery, square footage, how dirty or clean, time restraints, after hour washing, and quality.  Below is a list of prices we may charge for the services we offer. Please remember no job is to small or to large.

All bids when considered include basic cleaning chemicals such as soap, degreaser, and brightner.  If any additional chemcials are needed that may change the price of the bid.

Each crew that we send out for service includes up to 3 wash members if any more are needed that also may change the price of the proposal.  If more then one pressure washing unit is needed on site then the price will be doubled .

Fleet Wash

Price: Depends on size of fleet and frequency.

​Flat Work (surface cleaning) 
Price: $.04 to .28 per sqft.

Options for our wash services

Structure cleaning prep cleaning

Price: $95.00 per hour

Motor home wash and wax

Price: $95.00 per hour 2 hour minimum

Deck and patio restoration

Price: $95.00 per hour 

Building washing

Price: $.08 to $.42 per sqft

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