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Account Status

​For Preferred Fleetwash to set up account status payment terms we must build a repeat relationship prior to account application approval.  Repeat business is what we thrive upon, we want to build repeat relationship with all of our customers but that is not always the case.  We ask that after the completion of our first wash job we receive payment immediately.  If we do business again in the future then we will setup you business for account status based on 30 day payment terms.  If for any reason payment is not received within the 30 days you will be charged a 7% late fee up to 60 days then a 21% late fee thereafter.

Preferred Fleetwash LLC offers many ways to make payments for services rendered.  




Credit Card payments

Preferred Fleetwash does accept all major credit cards we are unable to process them on-site but you can call them in to our office and we will be glad to process them over the phone.  All information received over the phone then will be disposed of properly once we have received apporval of the funds.  We will then email or fax a copy of the receipt to desired location.


We do accept checks we prefer business checks over personal checks.  We also accept T-checks, EFS checks, Comdata checks, and Comchecks.  If for any reason a check bounces or the funds are not accessable we will make the client aware of the situation and you will be charged a $32.00 fee.



Cash is the easiest form of payment but we ask that you never make payment directly to anyone on the crew.  If you do pay in cash Aaron Mccaffery the owner will make sure he accepts payment in person or at our office.

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